Hi all!

​Born in Ankara in 1981. Starting from elementery school, graduated from T.E.D. Ankara College. Then graduated from Ankara University - Russian Language and Literature. I did few related jobs after my graduation but as a person who grew up in a pretty "visual" family (a house full of "dad's photos", mom's paintings" and "sister's graphic designs"), i found myself in photography... Also my name means "light" as if whispering me to chase it... :) And as i grew up in a nature lover-defender family with many rescued animals, Nature became my "Holly"...  So i'm capturing Nature as pure as i can and trying to express how much i admire all those fauna and flora.. how i'm amazed by all those magical moments that Nature presents and most of all, how much i love Nature.. hoping more could see and appreciate this bond between every single thing on Earth... And also i'm shooting another passion of mine; Food... :)

Hope you enjoy them all...


Işık Ilıcak Bozkurt